Need For Speed Rivals Ps4 Gameplay 1080p Monitor

need for speed rivals ps4 gameplay 1080p monitor


Need For Speed Rivals Ps4 Gameplay 1080p Monitor -





















































Need For Speed Rivals Ps4 Gameplay 1080p Monitor


.. Loading. However, frame-pacing issues affected performance on both, and with promises of an imminent fix, a question mark lingers over the state of the final release - and how the end result stands up to PC.For a quick recap, both next-gen versions produce stunning 1920x1080 native images with perceptibly identical lighting, textures and geometry across the board. It's a curious quirk of the engine that we see in Frostbite 3 driven Battlefield games on PC too, where the engine occasionally renders two duplicate frames followed by two unique frames to cause a perception of performance being lower than it actually is. For the final build, all of this does indeed remain the same - leaving the PS4 with a respectable, if not spectacular, advantage in the visual stakes.With both versions updated fully to version 1.01, we've pieced together a 70-strong Need for Speed: Rivals image gallery, plus a trio of head-to-head videos below. Every confirmed game for Nintendo Switch Including launch titles, non-Nintendo releases. While shadows aren't filtered to the same quality as the PC version on ultra settings, Sony's platform matches it with a refined bokeh depth-of-field effect that goes entirely missing on Xbox One - where it appears as a more simple blur filter instead. Elsewhere, although the PS4 and Xbox One versions trail behind PC in terms of object density and shadow filtering quality, the differences between all three are ultimately minor enough to be imperceptible during any high-speed race, making either next-gen option a well-reasoned pick. Multiplayer gameplay also appears unaffected too.As a result, the tweak minimises a problem on PC that's common to console platforms: the frame-pacing issue. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Overall image quality in these scenes is very close indeed, and both versions are running at native 1080p.


The PS4's use of a photographic bokeh depth-of-field effect matches the PC's ultra setting, while Xbox One gives us a less refined blur filter in its place.World details such as grass, rocks and destructible crates tend to be in more plentiful supply on PC - while being pared back on next-gen platforms. Never miss a thing. Both PS4 and Xbox One deliver a solid 30fps average with only the very rarest of hiccups. A generous smattering of world details is in effect here, adding more grass, rocks, crates to the environment - mainly picked out during pre-race build-ups. Added effects such as higher-grade ambient occlusion and depth of field are a welcome bonus, where Sony's platform manages to match results on PC at its highest settings. The next-gen platforms handle this amicably, with genuine drops below the 30fps mark being very rare. "For the first wave of launch software, I think people who are saying it's particularly easy or particularly hard on one, it changes depending on the game and depending on the engine. hold tight! Follow eurogamer Home Face-offs Need for Speed: Rivals PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One Next-Gen Face-Off: Need for Speed: Rivals Final code tested on retail consoles - plus the PC version too. By Martin Robinson Published 13/11/2013 Need for Speed: Rivals, the debut for recently formed Gothenburg-based studio Ghost, is one of the first cross-platform next-gen games to achieve a native 1080p across both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Ghost's achievement comes off the back of several high-profile next-gen launch games running at different resolutions across the platforms, with Battlefield 4 weighing in at 900p on PS4 as opposed to the Xbox One's 720p, while Infinity Ward stated that Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 720p on Xbox One while its PS4 counterpart is delivered at a full 1080p. This isn't our first look at the game of course - we were lucky enough to gain extended access to Rivals during EA's recent multiplayer press event, but the PC version was nowhere to be seen. The native 1080p visuals are stand-out regardless of platform, but Sony's hardware sets itself apart with some more refined effects-work. 55a97c10fc

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